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Security and Compliance


System Performance

We can design and conduct benchmark testing to ensure your systems will deliver the required performance when accessed under project and operations conditions


System Architecture

We can design or assist with reviewing how and where your engineering systems Infrastructure is located to ensure optimal system performance and accessibility by project and operations users throughout the lifecycle of your global assets.



We can design and configure audit routines to ensure:

  • Your prescribed authoring tools contain the required data during the engineering, construction, handover and operations phases

  • Your deliverables are generated using the prescribed authoring tools

  • The configuration of your engineering systems is in accordance with your Governance, Configuration and Release Management guidelines



We ensure that access to your Engineering Systems and Data complies with your IT policies


Data Model

We ensure that your engineering data is structured and delivered in accordance with your in-house Standards and Libraries, or is in accordance with prescribed industry standards such as ISO-15926 and CFIHOS

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