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Project Risk Management


We can provide expert project risk management services, assisting you to identify, quantify and mitigate risks affecting your projects through the implementation of the right processes and controls. 

Context Establishment 

Consistent with the guiding principles of ISO 31000, we can help you develop an understanding of the risk management context within which your organization or project operates 

Risk Identification 

We can facilitate the identification and documentation of material threats (or opportunities) to your organization or project that may prevent you from achieving your objectives, and help you exploit your competitive advantage. 

In the context of health and safety, we will assist you, through the use of facilitated risk and/or hazard identification workshops with proactive identification of hazards, incident reporting reviews, safety inspections and risk audits. 


Risk Assessment and Prioritisation 

We can provide you with the personnel and tools to identify and quantify the degree of harm, frequency and duration of exposure and  severity of hazards or risks that impact your business or project across all business and project disciplines.

Development of Risk Treatment Plans 

We can aid you in the development of strategies for controlling and exploiting the risks that may impact you reaching business or project objectives.  

In the context of health and safety, we can assist you to control and mitigate hazards and risks, including cost impact on the achievement of ALARP principles.

Risk Monitoring and Review 

We can assist you with operational effectiveness and efficiency reviews, and independent oversight of compliance with laws, regulations and policies.  

We can provide regular updates and reporting on risk mitigation activities through to project closeout, as well as periodic project update reviews as projects advance through development gates.  

Lessons Learned Programs 

We are able to assist you in the compilation of lessons learned databases following project completion,  or to mine existing lessons learned databases at project inception and integrate these into your project risk management or execution plan.  

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