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Project  Information Management


Project Preparation

Requirements analysisWe ensure your engineering information requirements are captured and documented prior to issuing your invitation to bid package.

Technical content for contracts – We ensure related documents have sufficient technical content to quantify your information requirements in a manner that is understandable by your suppliers and measurable during assessment of key project milestones.

Bid review – We review submissions to check for compliance with stated objectives and, if necessary, design data conversion strategies for suppliers unable to deliver in required formats.

Technical clarifications – We can conduct or attend workshops with your suppliers to ensure that they understand your engineering information delivery requirements and that there is an agreed delivery process included in supplier submissions.

Project Readiness

We ensure that all relevant Project Preparation , QA/QC, Engineering Systems Implementation and Compliance pre-requisites are in place prior to first use of the engineering systems on a project.

Project Team On-boarding and Training

Following on from project readiness activities, we can conduct or attend workshops with your contractor or internal project team leads to ensure that they have been provided with the pre-requisite training and documentation. We can also assist with all levels of training, Documentation, organisational and change management awareness to ensure that project users can deliver in accordance with your requirements.


Milestone validation checks – We can design and/or manage validation campaigns at key milestone points to establish whether milestone criteria have been satisfied. ​

Deliverable checks – We can design and/or manage deliverable checks to ensure format and content is correct and complete. ​

Configuration Management - We will monitor and change manage your engineering tools configuration to align with your integration, deliverable, handover and Standard Build specifications.

Action Management

We ensure all issues are agreed, documented and resolved in a timely manner and that root causes are identified and eliminated.

Project Controls

Whether you’re implementing new engineering applications or undertaking an Engineering Project, we can assist with ensuring everything is on track and on budget.

BI and Reporting

Timely and accurate insights into project performance is key to a managing a successful project. We can design and deliver this key information in accordance with your requirements.

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