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Operational Readiness


Handover from projects

We can design and/or conduct pre-handover checks to ensure all required project documentation and data is moving from your project environment into your operations environment as expected and that end users are able to access and use the information as expected.

Go live (new systems)

We check to ensure all key Engineering Systems Implementation elements are in place and that key completion and training milestones have been met prior to new systems being released for use.

Conversions and upgrades

For a variety of reasons such as project duration, contractor capability/location or version support it is unlikely that all of you engineering data will be delivered in the format or version of your prescribed authoring tools. In these situations, we can manage or conduct pre-handover conversions and upgrades prior to running our QA/QC routines to ensure your engineering data and deliverable requirements are met.


Whether you’re implementing new systems or bringing a large amount of project data and documentation into your operations environment, we can assist with all levels of training, Documentation and change management awareness to ensure that end users are prepared.

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