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Engineering Systems Implementation



We design governance templates and organisational roles and responsibilities matrices that are aligned to your existing processes and reflects the intended purpose and utilisation of your systems by both engineering project and operations & maintenance users.

Requirements support

We ensure your engineering systems requirements are captured and documented prior to issuing your invitation to bid package. Including:

  • Engineering project requirements

  • Operations and Maintenance requirements

  • IT and architecture requirements

  • IT security and compliance requirements

  • Alignment with existing engineering and business processes

Product Selection Support

Bid review – We review submissions to check for compliance with stated objectives.

Solution Provider Management

Technical content for contracts – We ensure related documents have sufficient technical content to quantify your functional requirements in a manner that is understandable by your suppliers and measurable during assessment of key project milestones.

Milestone validation checks – We ensure that delivery of the solution is in accordance with scope and schedule commitments.

Release Management

We can design or assist with reviewing release management strategies to ensure your global, local and regional requirements are captured and can be managed intelligently, consistently and in a centralise manner.

Document and Data Change Management Processes

We ensure that your document and data change management processes are designed into your nominated engineering system landscape.

Systems Landscape Design

We can design or assist with reviewing the overall Engineering and Document Management Landscape to ensure it can be deployed and function in a way that is both practical for Projects and Operations and aligns with your existing Management of Change and Business Processes


Docs and Data Migration

Migrating documents and data from legacy systems can be extremely complicated and, if not planned properly, extremely time consuming. We can assist with reviewing your program objectives and either design, execute or manage a migration program to ensure this critical component remains under control and aligns with your overall program timeline.



We can design and/or execute testing programs to ensure your functional and data integration requirements are working as designed.


Action Management

We ensure all systems implementation issues are agreed, documented and resolved in a timely manner.

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